FAQ (Startup - fundraising)

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What are the specs of UBIZ fundraising services ?

  1. Expertise and advisory from fellow experienced entrepreneurs - the kind of people who risked everything, have been through this whole entrepreneurship adventure and finally met traction & success.

  2. Past Experience in the various industries we are targeting our services

  3. Flexibility & to the point

  4. International (Europe, Africa & India)

  5. Positive & caring impact. We prefer to be a private company suspected of trying to make a positive impact, than a public company being suspected of being profit driven.

What is the offer of UBIZ - concretely ?

We offer services focused on (business development and) investment. The business development module is a cherry on the cake we offer aside to our main service - if you are a startup looking for funds from min. 1 million € up to 50 million€, Ubiz will gladly help you out (in the case you are looking for less or more, we can direct you to other partners).


When we talk about fundraising, we talk about many possibilities (equity, debt, crowdfunding, crowdlending,...), depending on what is possible in regards to your current structure, thanks to our 800+ funds partners, and our qualified Ubiz club deal.

Throughout your growth, if we work together, please be aware that we will gladly accompany you throughout all your entrepreneur's journey, including M&A, debt refinancing operations, exit... since we will know your business backwards and forwards. Please note though that classic fundraising is not a fit for all option, and that's a domain that we master at Ubiz, another good reason why you should consider us.

What about your impact to the world ?

Ubiz is a business, let's be clear on that. We'd love to 100% focus our energy on projects/ business having a social & environmental positive impact, but we need to be realistic & open to projects having a neutral impact. Making a project sustainable is already a great achievement.

Even if we are quite straightforward, we (deeply) respect diversity, politeness & genuine soft skills. We are aware our organisation is currently mainly male driven - our goal is to reach parity & balance.

What is the UBIZ deal ?

We take a retainer/ Front Fee and a success fee commission. If you desire more information, please contact us.