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FAQ (corporate finance - fundraising, M&A, LBO)

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What are the specs of UBIZ Corporate Finance services ?

  1. We do Fundraising, M&A as accompany mature entrepreneurs/funds in their Buy& Build strategy.

  2. We usually have hands-on experience in the various industries we are targeting our services to

  3. Flexibility & to the point

  4. International (Europe, Africa & India) & cross-border deals

  5. Positive & caring impact, even if we are profit driven. We tend to work with individuals having high ethic standards.

What is the offer of UBIZ - concretely ?

  1. Standard previous due dilligence of your company & review of the business.

  2. Presentation propositions (deck, Business Plan)

  3. Investors, acquirers approach

  4. we organize for you the due dilligence process & keep discussion with everyone

  5. We negotiate for you the main contract terms in good intelligence with your lawyer,..

  6. .. and push for the closing

What about your impact to the world ?

Ubiz is a business, let's be clear on that. We'd love to 100% focus our energy on projects/ business having a social & environmental positive impact, but we need to be realistic & open to projects having a neutral impact. Making a project sustainable is already a great achievement.

Even if we are quite straightforward, we (deeply) respect diversity, politeness & genuine soft skills. We are aware our organisation is currently mainly male driven - our goal is to reach parity & balance. Feel free to contact us.

What is the UBIZ deal ?

We take a retainer/ Front Fee and a success fee commission. If you desire more information, please contact us.

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