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What are the specs of UBIZ ?

  1. Expertise and advisory from fellow experienced entrepreneurs - the kind of people who risked everything, have been through this whole entrepreneurship adventure and finally met traction & success.

  2. Flexibility & to the point - no useless workshops synonym of product or service placement. We do not impose, we propose, you decide. You have a business to foster, and we fully understand that, so we mainly propose 1to1 modules fitted to your challenges.

  3. International - well, that's our main spec. We have a fantastic support network, and that can help as soon as we believe in you.

  4. Specific - Ubiz wants to print & set up the pace of "niche" trends by gathering a highly specialized ecosystem.

  5. Private - we are for profit, meaning that if you do not meet success, we get bust. Our interests are aligned.

  6. Positive & caring impact - yes, the cherry on the cake, without any commitment. We prefer to be a private company suspected of trying to make a positive impact, than a public company being suspected of being profit driven.

For more info, do not hesitate to go through our blog news posts

What is the offer of UBIZ - concretely ?

We offer acceleration services focused on business development and investment. The investment module can be taken on the side (off the shelf) - meaning that if you are a startup looking for funds from 500k€ up to 2 million€ and not looking for a business development advisor program, you can come and mandate Ubiz to help you out (in the case you are looking for less or more, we can direct you to other partners). Have a read to this blog post for further information about UBIZ startups Acceleration DNA.

Are your acceleration services only about "Sales", is there nothing else involved ?

Business development is a key part of the Ubiz DNA. Sales success will sustainably drive your growth. Before connecting you to our network, we need to make sure you can deliver the agreed quantity-quality on-time, as mastering  the right vocabulary. This means "process", "contract negotiation", "competent employees", "customer service" and so on so forth.

The acceleration program is specialized on industrial themes & markets, meeting unfair advantages in these ones. If you are off thematic, do not hesitate to contact us - if we believe we can positively impact your company, we'll talk.

How about the investment / fundraising / corporate finance module ?

​Startups have all different growth goals. Some are more mature and do not need business development mentoring (which is fine), but needs investment to grow. Just enter in contact with us, and we'll see if we can do business together. This is our corporate finance business side with a huge array of possibilities (equity, debt, crowdfunding, crowdlending,...), thanks to our 800+ funds partners, and our qualified Ubiz club deal.

What about your impact to the world ?

Ubiz is a business, let's be clear on that. We'd love to 100% focus our energy on projects/ business having a social & environmental positive impact, but we need to be realistic & open to projects having a neutral impact. Making a project sustainable is already a great achievement.

Even if we are quite straightforward, we (deeply) respect gender equality, diversity, politeness & genuine soft skills. We are aware our organisation is currently mainly male driven - our goal is to reach parity & balance.

What is the UBIZ deal ?

As any advisors, we take equity in exchange of our guidance. For the investment program, we take a fixed and a variable commission. If you desire more information, please contact us. 

In your acceleration services, do you provide "starting/seed" capital ?

No, we only target companies having already a turnover, and not stressfully running out of cash in a month or two.

But ! Upon your selection, we'll get to know each other. Depending on how your metrics evolve, how you are structured, where your ambition lays and what you actually need, we'll create the adequate introductions.

Please be aware that funding is not only limited to classic equity fundraising, but could include M&A operations, convertible bonds, crowdfunding, or even lending. All cases are different but classic fundraising is not the best option for everyone, and that's a domain that we master at Ubiz, another good reason why you should consider us. We are not talking about 50k€, but to deals up to 2mio€.

I do not live in Brussels, how does it go ?

During the duration of the program, you have access to the private UBIZ working space, meeting rooms to receive clients and so on - this is part of the UBIZ deal. But, besides all the nice technology, we need to have face-to-face meetings, coaching,...

My question is not here ...

stop whining, contact us then :-)