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  • Tanguy Vanderlinden

Financial Covid-19 Taskforce

This is emotional time. At Ubiz, we don't save lives, but we help business from drowning. Due to the massive lockdowns, closing of borders, and the underrated emotional aspect re your employees perception, it is not possible to run a company like usual anymore.

There is no other choice though.

Business must GO ON.

Typically, because we all rely on a fluent business system, many companies are not prepared from a cash-flow point of view re such "force majeure" situation. And this is just one of the many (key) challenges you'll have to be busy with - aside from HR, customer retention, supplier negotiation, IT security.. You'll be busy.

We can help you tackle that specific financial issue. With a global entrepreneurship, corporate finance & crisis management experience, we have a clear understanding and knowledge of the whole funding ecosystem. We aim to act & find a solution fast - whatever the solution is (Debt, Equity, public, Acquisition…), depending on your specific issue.

TIMING IS KEY HERE. Each day is crucial for an adequate reply to this crisis.

Since this matter is complex, we decided to team up/ bundle with other organisations (Havila Partners & Eques Finance) in order to provide you with the most adequate answer.

Any overal question ?

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