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 Silver Economy AgeTech 

A dedicated Ubiz program for tech start-ups eager to improve life to our seniors 

Should we get the world adapted to our elderly ?

... Or the way around ?

Silver Economy AgeTech is about

Financial wellness
Mobility & Movement
Daily living, housing & Lifestyle
Health & Care
Brain Health
Tourism, leisure, social & travel
Safety, respect & Security
End of life
Work & retirement

tailored to 65+ years-old wo/men.

Advisors & Mentors


An experienced entrepreneur will be your chaperon , the one with whom you'll create this special relationship to overcome the specific hurdles you face.

He will tailor you a personal program & direct you to these dedicated mentors / coaches you mostly need. Sometimes, it is just a flick that could trigger the whole chain. But you need to know where & how, and that's called "experience".

Ecosystem Networking


Product development, trainings & coaching are nice, but you need to get out from your product dev comfort zone & meet with potential customers, prescribers, buyers, partners,... your whole ecosystem. Closing, this is what will put you to the next step.



Upon your selection, we'll get to know each other. Depending on how your metrics evolve, how you are structured, and where your ambition lays, we'll create the adequate introductions.

Funding is not only through fund-raising against equity, but could include M&A  operations , convertible obligations, crowdfunding, or even lending. All cases are different but fund-raising should never be the only option (unless you really don't know about this - which is fine because we are here to help).

Business veil & research


When we pick up a topic, we scrutinize it through every angles, building up databases, analyzing trends & setting up assumptions. We do not follow the sexiest & broadest  trends , but invest, test, foster promising niches. We select our program participants primarily based on how the concept replies to market's issues & the steering team behind.

These are regular fresh views on existing ecosystems we are happy to share with our start-ups & partners.

Application Agenda Silver Economy AgeTECH 2019

Intakes every month (yep, every month).


You want to know more ? Just drop us a line and we might talk.

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