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Launch of UBIZ – the accelerator to increase your turnover

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

A new international bizdev accelerator for tech startup opens its doors in Brussels

- exclusively dedicated to business development.

His name:

The specificity of Ubiz is to propose to each cohort (5 months + 3 months) specific themes (the first one is based on the Silver Economy - Twitter @ageinge). This human-sized accelerator is designed for tech start-ups looking to conquer new international markets.

Tanguy Vanderlinden, CEO of, explains: "Even if we start getting competitive acceleration offers here in Europe, I believe there are still too few players focused on cross-European borders markets. Ubiz playground targets all European and African ecosystems. Ubiz wants to become a leading European player in the bizdev acceleration of start-ups. We don't do innovation or incubation,... we only focus on the evolution of a single metric: the turnover."

In exchange for a minimal stake in the startup, Ubiz:

  • focus on sustainable revenue generation strategies and reference customers. This is made possible through the support of its mentors and privileged connections with many European and African corporate clients

  • provides its expertise on the missing skills for the startup to quickly achieve its revenue objectives,

  • supports - structurally and financially - this transition from tech startup to business scaleup. The sought amounts depending on the company's needs, this is the reason why the accelerator does not offer a standard amount of cash upfront.

Ubiz provides "high level" resources - directly in Brussels (before its planned openings in European capitals):

  • dedicated mentoring of experienced captains of industry (French, American and Belgian), with strong experience on growth, taking into account the specificities of each continent.

  • a network of international decision-makers/buyers in neighbouring markets (more than 220 million consumers) and the possibility of strategic corporate partners (C-level).

  • an independent partner for all aspects of financial support for growth - without exclusivity - regardless of the company's profile and ambitions, whether in terms of fundraising, corporate agreements or external acquisitions.

In order to offer the most appropriate support, Ubiz focuses its energy on specific sectors. In this context, the first theme will be Silver Economy /Agetech. Faced with an ageing population and the emergence of European start-ups that meet the specific needs of the elderly, Ubiz aims to select the future leaders in this segment and boost them.

"We want to specialize in niche themes and support the growth of the most innovative and serious start-ups in this field. We also want them to offer a product that has a positive social and societal impact," concludes Stéphane Drai - VP Strategy at Ubiz.

For more information and to get to know us better: To contact us & partnership requests :

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